Soooo, this acronym is thrown about a lot. SOOC means Straight Out Of Camera. There is a segment of photographers out there that feel if it is not sooc that you are somehow cheating. Everyone has an opinion on this. Here is mine… it’s art.

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Luminar 3

I have been using Luminar for a few years now. Over the years the product has changed and grown. Originally it was mostly an effect program designed for giving photos a certain look. It still allows for that functionality. However, it has added the ability to do raw processing. Most recently, it has added the ability to function as a Digital Asset Manager, or DAM for short.

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PlatyPod Ultra
PlatyPod Ultra

So I mentioned a PlatyPod. What is a PlatyPod you ask? It is a small plate that takes a ball head or screw that will attach to your camera’s mounting hole. What I really like about the PlatyPod is that it is so small you can easily fit it in a backpack or even your back pocket.

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Macro Photography

Dandelion Macro Shot
Dandelion Macro Shot

So, I have started to experiment with macro photography. I have learned that it is challenging to hold the camera steady when you are shooting super close. This isn’t to say that I haven’t gotten decent results. It is just something that I need to be aware of. I really should be shooting off of a tripod/platypod to hold the camera steady. Continue reading “Macro Photography”


After a brief discussion, we have decided that at least partially, we will be discussing photography on this site. I will be writing my first photography post soon.