Depth of Field Confusion

There is a lot of confusion around depth of field. Here is my take on it. I know there is still a lot for me to learn. It seems like people focus on the aperture settings, which does has an effect. However, so does the distance to your subject as well as the distance between your subject and the background.



After a brief discussion, we have decided that at least partially, we will be discussing photography on this site. I will be writing my first photography post soon.


Good afternoon (at least when I am writing this post). I am not fully sure what we will use this place for. However, I need to re-familiarize myself with WordPress and it is easier to do with a self hosted blog than through the completely free I do actually have a few blogs over there. They are rarely updated 🙁

I am thinking that as we explore things, the site outline will change. I know that we want to discuss our growing interest in photography. I will be posting things that I have learned as well as some example images. I look forward to growing with you all! Enjoy the stay.